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Hi! I am Sam’s Mom, Jen. We started Sam’s Voice in January2012. Our youngest son has Autism and Apraxia and we were given an amazing giftfrom Guiding Eyes for the Blind Heeling Autism in April of 2012. We were given Hagrid, an Autism Service Dog. To learn more about us and how we received him please read Our Story and watch our YouTube video below.  He has been a lifechanger for us! It has been a real miracle.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind Heeling Autism is a nonprofit organization that GIVES Autism Service dogs to children in need at NO COST to the family. To learn more about them please click on Heeling Autism. Every dog costs them roughly $50,000 from breeding through the dogs life! They don't just give you the dogs and go. They provide vet care and keep track of how the dogs are doing. My husband and I wanted to do something to raise money to donate to them so we started selling Sam’s Voice Bracelets and doing various fundraisers and that is how Sam’s Voice started! We continue to raise money through various things such as our Diving for Autism fundraiser, Origami Owl Fundraisers and we still sell our Bracelets and T-shirts. At this time ALL of our proceeds will be donated to Heeling Autism. In the future we would also like to start donating to other Autism related organizations and also to help other children receive Service Dogs. At this time Heeling Autism can only service families that live within 2 hours of their facility.  There are many other organizations that charge families anywhere from $5,000 - $15,000 for an Autism Service Dog.  This is VERY hard for parents to come up with. Most parents are already paying a lot of $ towards therapies and sensory products for their children. I hate it that money can come between a child and a lifesaving Service dog. I would like for one day to be able to help some of these families out.

I would also like to be able to help some children find their voice. We have had great success with Sam and his Dynavox. There are many devices out there today such as IPADs that can help children with Autism. Many parents can not afford the added expense though.

Besides fundraising we also raise awareness. Autism Awareness and Autism Service Dog Awareness.
Many people have never heard of Autism Service Dogs, even those who have children with Autism. 
I made the choice to go public with our story which wasn't an easy thing to do. But I wanted
to be able to help educate those who do not know what Autism is. I also wanted to help those
who do live with Autism in their lives. I want them to know there may be help in the form of a furry friend and most of all to let them know that they are not alone!  

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Hagrid and Sam at Magic Kingdom
Hagrid and Sam at Magic Kingdom
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Sam's Voice Logo